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Laura Meyer has designed all of the merchandise and marketing materials for Twilight Attire, the Twilight Attire Cafe Press store and for fashion shows featuring Twilight Attire designs. Check the Shows page to see some examples!



Twilight Attire is an independent design company in the Milwaukee area.  Twilight Attire creates corsetry, Victorian and Renaissance costumes, Neo-Victorian and Steampunk outfits, Alternative or Gothic club-wear.  TwilightAttire.com also highlights the artistic works of the company’s creator, Laura Meyer, including paintings, sculptures, photography and multi-media designs.  Information can also be found about past events Twilight Attire hosted or participated in, as well as a page full of articles about how to make corsets, where to find good corsets online and a bibliography of sources for more corset and corsetry information, including information on Dita Von Teese, the longstanding Vollers Corset Company, Mr. Pearl, tightlacing, couture corsetry and how the corset translates into modern fashion for designers and fashionistas.


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