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Twilight Attire custom order 2012:
Overbust with brass colored busk, accessory pocket and purse

Twilight Attire custom order 2011:
Leather with brass buckles, rivets and grommets

Twilight Attire custom order 2010:
overbust corset with modesty panel and removable halter straps

Twilight Attire Overbust design- at The Tool Shed 10/09
Twilight Attire Satin Corset- SOLD

Red Satin Underbust Corset, Fashionista show 2006Deep Blue Velvet Zip-front Corset, Fashionista show 2006Shiny PVC Corset, Fashionista show 2006
Red Satin Underbust Corset- SOLD, Deep Blue Velvet Zip-front Corset and Black PVC Corset- SOLD,
Fashionista Show 2006



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Twilight Attire©1998-20135

Twilight Attire is an independent design company in the Milwaukee area.  Twilight Attire creates corsetry, Victorian and Renaissance costumes, Neo-Victorian and Steampunk outfits, Alternative or Gothic club-wear.  TwilightAttire.com also highlights the artistic works of the company’s creator, Laura Meyer, including paintings, sculptures, photography and multi-media designs. 

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