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Please email Twilight Attire via the Contact Page if interested in any of the items.
Requests for purchase are made on a first come, first served basis, subject to consignment agreements with boutiques.
Payment is accepted from verified Paypal accounts, for your peace of mind and security.

Renaissance Bodices


Renaissance Bodices/Corsets

Approx. 25" waist when closed, shown at 30-31" waist-
Fits U.S. sizes 8-12 comfortably

Upholstery quality fashion fabric exterior, durable dense cotton lining.
10 spring steel bones in each bodice
2 part metal grommets hand applied
Adjustable lacing at sides, back and at shoulders
Each comes with matching drawstring pouch, just for fun!
See them at VelvetGarden.net or contact designer@twilightattire.com for more details.

Burgundy BodiceSage BodiceNeutral Bodice

Burgundy with blue & cream SOLD*** Sage and copper floral SOLD*** Brown, black and tan stripes SOLD

Striped, Back View

Multi-Colored Stripes- SOLD

Tapestry BodiceTapestry, back view

Multi-Colored Tapestry- SOLD

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For a selection of vintage items and sometimes one of a kind corsets and costumes from the Renaissance to Victorian periods, take a look at my Etsy page!


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Twilight Attire is an independent design company in the Milwaukee area.  Twilight Attire creates corsetry, Victorian and Renaissance costumes, Neo-Victorian and Steampunk outfits, Alternative or Gothic club-wear.  TwilightAttire.com also highlights the artistic works of the company’s creator, Laura Meyer, including paintings, sculptures, photography and multi-media designs.    Information can also be found about past events Twilight Attire hosted or participated in, as well as a page full of articles about how to make corsets, where to find good corsets online and a bibliography of sources for more corset and corsetry information, including information on Dita Von Teese, the longstanding Vollers Corset Company, Mr. Pearl, tightlacing, couture corsetry and how the corset translates into modern fashion for designers and fashionistas.

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