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The Corset: 
The most controversial piece of clothing ever designed. 
An essential part of fashionable dress for millennia. 
Both alluring and forbidden, alternately regarded as a
nightmare and a dream by women in historical records,
writings and in the modern media

I'm Laura Meyer, a born Milwaukeean and what
I like to call a "Sartorial Anthropologist".  Writing
and design is my trade, and historical costuming (and
the social and cultural implications behind those cos-
tumes) is my passion.

I hold a BA from Alverno college, where I graduated
with Honors in 2008. Since then I have held positions
in marketing and design as well as in costuming


I accept commissions on an individual basis for period
costumes from the Renaissance to Edwardian periods,
custom corsets from both commercial and period
patterns, and costumes based off Hollywood inspir-

Clients can receive period clothing from
my collection at VictorianBallgowns.com, or a
custom corset from either vintage patterns or my own design,
which provides a long, graceful bodice with a rounded hip
and exceptional lower abdominal coverage.




Twilight Attire started as an idea, brought to reality in 1998 when my sister Rebecca and I came up with the name- quite simply a synonym for "evening wear".
I have sold online worldwide & through numerous Milwaukee boutiques over the years, participated in about a dozen fashion and art shows (organized a couple of them as well) and have come around to a very simple goal for my company.

It is not to sell millions of units or to become a household name...
but quite simply to challenge myself to a greater skill level and commit to a higher standard of excellence with every piece I make. Each custom piece takes quite a bit of time, and I am sometimes in the midst of my own projects for months.

Therefore, while I do occasionally have premade pieces for sale on Etsy, it is more likely that you will only find vintage items there.

If interested in custom items, please email me with details of your
request .






The next project is a series of exhibitions featuring my Victorian gowns,
all either completely my own designs or using vintage patterns as a
starting point.

My blog "Repleating History" chronicles the creation of these gowns and
other period costumes.
. It focuses on both the creation of historical garments
as well as some background on the culture which spawned them, the
impact they made on the society of the period, and some of my personal
thoughts on the topic.

I hope to, eventually, be able to share the knowledge my research has
provided in the form of lectures and presentations for schools, conventions
and any other venue which might benefit from it.